A training and development manager is responsible for planning, developing & implementing & supervising training programs, functions to coordinate with the different departments for leading the guidance strategies and systematizes the required training material. Organizing the training & development schedules, designing the training modules and ensuring the desired training standards are some of the major job responsibilities of a training and development manager.  A training and development manager should pose good communication skills, excellent organizing abilities and experience of identifying the training requirements.  Hence, a training and development manager plays a vital role in educating the employees and contributes in the success of HR department.

Training and development manager job specifications:

  • Brilliant interpersonal skills to communicate with the department and the management for putting a request for conducting the training programs by recognizing the core competencies.
  • Experience of designing the career development positions and ensuring the training program standards for the success of development plans to value the precious time & money of the organization.
  • Ability to prepare documentation of the return investments on the conducted training & development programs and coordinating with the accounts department for the same.
  • Keeping day-to-day updates on the effective training tools and innovative development programs by reading the training journals, attending various meetings and workshops, etc.
  • Conducting the analysis to get feedback & to judge the requirement of training programs in all departments.
  • Experience of organizing the initial level training modules for the new appointments.
  • Attending monthly meetings with the head of the departments and management to provide the required updates on the training strategies and campaigns, etc.