A librarian is responsible for maintaining the book selves, updating the library record registers and assisting the interested individual to lend the desired books. Maintaining the book catalogues, punching the library cards for issuing the requested books, explaining the rules & conducts to the new person and arranging the library martial & book displays are the major job duties of a librarian. A librarian works in a team to analyze the requirements of the person, follows the publishers for stocking the newly published book in display and maintains the informative CDs, VCDs & to update the library with the latest technology.

Librarian Job Specifications:

  • Knowledge of arranging the books in different shelves by dividing them into various patterns such as computers, science, maths and administrative, etc.
  • Experience of assisting the new individual in finding their required books, issuing books on references and knowledge of suitable course of actions against the guilty persons, who do not follow the rules of library.
  • Maintaining the rules & regulations in the library and placing the informative charts to educate the library visitors.
  • Updating the soft copies of the issued books and stock register of the available books, responsibility to put the requirements for buying the new book or contacting the publication houses for placing an order of delivery of newly introduced reading material.
  • Sound knowledge of various topics, properly arranged book displays and ability to coordinate the library so that it looks more attractive.
  • Uploading the shelves with educational novels, news papers and employment news supplements to help the visitors.
  • Promoting the facility & student reading clubs to make the library environment more reader friendly.