A surgical nurse is responsible for helping the surgeon in the operation room, ensures the proper medication of the patient before surgery and manages all required equipments in the operation theatre. Conducting the various tests, preparing the medical statements by coordinating the other nurses and working according to the post- operative instruction are some of the basic job duties of a surgical nurse. A surgical nurse should pose excellent interpersonal skills, ability to assist in the serious cases and expertise to use the latest surgical apparatus, etc. Therefore, a surgical nurse plays an important role in taking care of the critical patients and prepares the case history as recommended by the doctor.

Surgical Nurse Job Specifications:

  • Ability to monitor the post operative condition of the patient by doing the blood test, changing the bandages & dressings, cleaning the wounds and feeding the recommended medicines to the patient.
  • Experience of using the diverse medical apparatus, tools, surgical equipments and support machine & life system and knowledge of preparing the essential medical investigation reports by using such devices.
  • Good communication skills to converse with the concerned surgeon for taking up necessary instructions, discussing the patient’s current status & case history and coordinating with the other nursing staff.
  • Ability to manage the surgical room before conducting the procedures and confidence to support the surgeon in the surgical room by supplying the required apparatus.
  • Analytical skills to manage the pain, blood coming out the open wounds and transferring the required aids as per the condition.
  • Knowledge of preparing the post operative and pre operative patient case file for the ready references.