An office manager is responsible for overseeing overall official arrangements, supervising the clerical staff, arranging the required supplies and coordinating with the senior officials for implementation of certain rules & regulations. Sorting & distributing office supplies, updating the central files & database and maintaining the office premises by ensuring the execution of the approved policies are some of the basic job duties of an office manager. This job designation should pose excellent communication skills, expertise of undertaking urgent official projects and good coordination abilities. Therefore, an office manager plays a vital role in managing and operating official procedures.

Office Manager Job Specifications:

  • Experience of planning office meeting schedules by coordinating with the concerned departments, taking care of telephonic conferences and inspecting & updating the records for the same.
  • Knowledge of preparing the annual office budget and putting it for approval, justify the expenses to the accounts staff and coordinating with the administrative department for executing certain records.
  • Effective interpersonal skills to communicate the office staff, all departments and welcoming the potential clients to the office premises.
  • Contacting the external parties for ordering the required office supplies such as sanitation material, electronic & mechanical good by negotiating.
  • Taking care of the billing statements, invoices and investigating the pending payments from the clients.
  • Maintaining the discipline within the office premises and handling the minor issues.
  • Good leadership and motivational abilities to energise the staff for better performance.
  • Operating the diverse office procedures and implementing the management approved policies.