A pharmaceutical sales manager is responsible for developing, implementing & maintaining the overall sales of the pharmaceutical products, overseeing the performance of the sales team and accomplishing the timely sales targets. Organizing the sales programs, placing the products on the suitable locations and training the sales team are some of the important job duties of a pharmaceutical sales manager. This job position should pose excellent communication skills, ability to deal with the important clients and managing the diverse sales activities. Hence, a pharmaceutical sales manager plays an essential role in the growth of a pharmaceutical company.

Pharmaceutical sales Manager job specifications:

  • Effective interpersonal abilities to handle the overall sales department, conversing with the marketing¬† & administration sections and dealing with the high profile clients to understand their exact requirements for preparing sales policies.
  • Experience of planning, executing and improving the existing sales strategies and stamina to work on the latest sales policies for enhancing the business and achieving the desired sales growth.
  • Impressive leadership skills to manage the team and motivate the sales crew for the better performance, submitting timely reports as per the routine records and selecting , hiring and training the team members.
  • Monitoring the routine sales procedures, organizing the meetings with the marketing department for finalizing the marketing scripts according to the requirements and dealing with the various pharmacy sales retail outlets for placing the goods.
  • Knowledge of traditional sales techniques, innovative sales methods and ability to introduce the products in the hospitals, leading pharmacy chains and medical retail outlets.
  • Conducting the diverse sales programs for educating the concerned departments about the newly introduced sales policies and government regulation.